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SpurTree’s industrial manufacturing transformation solutions include predictive asset management and maintenance, creation of digital factories with high levels of efficiency, revolutionizing supply chain management, connected capabilities to deliver highly flexible processes and workflows and the digital transformation of legacy manufacturing plants to usher them into the new age.
Smart factories are here to stay. Automation and real time decision making, using a combination of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and industrial IoT has created an opportunity like no other in the past.
Our experiences include successfully transforming a conglomerate with diverse systems by using advanced analytics and automation of complex workflows which lowered maintenance costs and reduced downtime significantly by using real time triggers.

SpurTree also helped reimage a B2B business by creating direct customer channels while maintaining corporate relationships and a robust loyalty program for one of the world’s largest furniture brands.

Predictive asset management and maintenance

Achieve high levels of efficiency with digital factories

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predictive asset management & maintenance

  1. Optimize maintenance practices and enhance operational efficiency by leveraging data analytics, machine learning, and IoT technologies

  2. Minimize unexpected breakdowns, reduce downtime and keep production lines running smoothly through predictive maintenance

  3. Eliminate unnecessary maintenance tasks and reduce costs associated with reactive repairs and unplanned downtime

  4. Optimize spare parts inventory, reduce maintenance labor and allocate resources more efficiently by analyzing data on asset performance and health

  5. Reduce risk of accidents and ensure a safer work environment for employees

  6. Make informed strategic decisions with data related to asset investments, equipment upgrades, and process improvements

Achieve high levels of efficiency with digital factories

  1. Harness the power of advanced technologies to optimize processes, streamline operations, and enhance overall productivity

  2. Utilize automation, robotics and IoT technologies to create interconnected and intelligent production lines

  3. Reduce human error, improve accuracy and increase throughput by automating repetitive tasks and data collection activities

  4. Gain valuable insights into production performance, equipment health, and resource utilization

  5. Reduced lead time, improve inventory management and coordination between suppliers, manufacturers and customers

  6. Enable seamless collaboration between teams, even across geographical locations

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