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SpurTree helps businesses in the oil & gas as well as the utilities sector innovate to ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction. Be it upstream, midstream or downstream, SpurTree’s solutions ensure compliance with operational excellence. Our expertise in technologies such as automation, machine learning, IoT, etc., helps firms create a smarter grid, promoting transparency and enabling consumers to have greater control.
Global economic shifts, alternative energy sources, dynamic pricing that reflects the delicate balances of power means that the energy sector has no option but to turn digital to provide options, cut costs, unleash the power of decades of data, and create new business models.
SpurTree has developed loyalty-driving mobile app programs for gas stations and connected convenience stores across multiple continents, benefiting two multinational petrochemical giants. Additionally, SpurTree has improved cloud software that interacts with tanks, dispensers, sensors, and other devices to ensure environmental compliance and operational efficiencies through intelligent monitoring solutions. SpurTree’s Product Engineering team collaborated with the client to create a high-value solution.

Create a smart grid

Environmental compliance solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Create a smart grid

  1. Smart grid technologies allow for real-time monitoring and control of energy distribution, enabling utilities to optimize energy usage, detect inefficiencies, and reduce wastage

  2. Promote sustainable energy practices, reduces carbon emissions and lowers overall energy costs

  3. Enable better monitoring of power flow, grid stability and equipment performance with smart grids. This real-time monitoring allows for the early detection of faults, outages, or equipment failures, enabling utilities to respond quickly and proactive

Environmental compliance solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

  1. Enhancing cloud software to interact with tanks, dispensers, sensors, and other devices offers the advantage of streamlining environmental compliance monitoring

  2. Anomalies such as leaks or malfunctions, can trigger automated alerts, notifying relevant personnel for immediate action

  3. Accurate and timely reporting to improve transparency, demonstrate compliance efforts and enhances the overall environmental performance of the business


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