Client Brief

A leading facility management company in EMEA is a well-known Enterprise, boasting a remarkable 42-year legacy of excellence within Oman's Facilities Management Industry.
Their extensive expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of services, ranging from cleaning, catering, and landscape design to pest control, maintenance, and waste management.
The firm's comprehensive facilities management offerings cater to diverse sectors, including government, business, defense, healthcare and more.

Project Scope

Over time, the company encountered mounting challenges in efficiently overseeing a burgeoning team of over 8000 professionals and a specialized fleet of vehicles crucial to their operations.
The organization identified a pressing need for a modern digital approach to monitor the operational team's attendance and material consumption.
While their existing ERP system possessed these capabilities, the dynamic nature of their business necessitated the development of a mobile solution.

Project Outcome
  • SpurTree undertook the design and development of a tailor-made mobile application that serves as the primary interface for the operations team to carry out pivotal functions, including employee attendance, job details, material procurement, onboarding new clients and managing collections.
  • Additionally, a web application was created to maintain geolocation data for each job site, enabling managers to ensure the presence of staff and supervisors on-site at all times. This web application also introduced the capability to effectively manage employee overtime.
  • These tailored solutions, in constant communication with SAP, enabled the company to increase its operational efficiency while maintaining real-time visibility for leadership over all its operations.

Note: Due to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place, SpurTree is unable to disclose the actual name of this company.

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