Client Brief

Babysparks is a company that focuses on empowering parents with tools, knowledge, and guidance for a confident parenting journey.
Babysparks offer private, live & on-demand classes online enabling parents worldwide to access hundreds of leading parenting experts specializing in dozens of topics including baby sleep, potty training, work/life balance, parent mental health, parenting children with ADHD, financial wellness and much more. 

Project Scope

The scope was to move their mobile application into the latest technology framework, which meant a complete rework of their existing user interface and a few other enhancements.

Project Outcome

Our association with Babysparks was an impactful one - we helped rebuild their website and also implemented a Campaign  management tool that helped reduce the manual effort and also make it more customizable.

We also partnered with them to redesign their learning module system and implemented a new framework called LIT, which was very well-received.

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