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Online Pharmacy – Digital Transformation to increase revenue and reduce cart abandonment

About Client

They are India’s largest online subscription portal for medicines. Patients can order healthcare products, OTC products and medicines through the PharmEasy App and get them delivered at their doorstep. They will also be able to book health tests and packages from the convenience of their home

About the Business Problem

PharmEasy came across multiple business and legal issues as they were progressing. The issues ranged from the legitimacy of an online prescription to ensuring medicines are delivered in a speedy manner and not lose out customers due to process and technology constraints.


We worked with them as their extended arm in their development. The first app was for any customer to order medicines online. There was a need for having a prescription for a drug that was not OTC.

The process of ordering hence became a bit complicated. Once PharmEasy receives the order, a rep will call the customer to confirm and then will ask the customer to upload a prescription.  The team then validates and asks for the prescription to be uploaded again if the scan is not clear and then allows the customer to finalize the order.

This process created a lot of friction with the customers because of the multiple hops and the delay. Lots of orders got canceled. People went to their local pharmacies or to the ones that are next to the doctor’s clinics or inside the hospitals. Upon analysis, they found out that the customers who ordered belonged to two personas. One that had a routine purchase behavior and the second one were in situations where the patient was unable to visit the GP or the doctor.

After figuring out the behavior, we enabled functionality in the app that allows the patient to request for the doctor. The app uses the patient’s past prescriptions and some history of the patient and suggests a doctor. The doctor then initiates a call with IP telephony with the patient and makes a remote diagnosis and prescribes the medicine online that the patient tags with the order. The process time got reduced to around 95%.

Since they were working with a bunch of 3rd party doctors, they found lots of discrepancies in the consulting charges and figured out that the cost of each prescription was high. We built another app called Docstat from scratch. PharmEasy had their own panel of doctors and a  notification is sent to one of the profiled doctors once a case gets filed. The app connects the doctor to the patient,  the doctor builds out a prescription, the order is then placed over the call. We were able to reduce the no of dropouts by 70% because the number of touch points reduced to one and the patients are on hold through the process. The dropouts decreased as well because the patients can order for any medicines of their choice.


Now Pharmeasy does over 1000 prescriptions per day over the app the average prescription is  $25 and Pharmeasy makes  an incremental USD 25,000 per day just in situations where the prescription was not valid

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